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Providing capital solutions for top-tier talent to

monetise IP whilst retaining ownership.

standard Market offering

Leading global talent (such as musicians, athletes) across the sports, music and entertainment sectors face a lack of suitable IP monetization/financing solutions.

Current options include;

– Selling their IP to institutional investors and foregoing any future income and capital appreciation.

-Taking advances from labels, publishers and services providers at potentially punitive rates

– Traditional bank loans, possible with low LTV, short tenors, restrictive covenants and asset security.

Empowerment Proposition

Provide a historically underserved sector with access to innovative financing solutions, that monetises talent’s IP with various solutions including ultimately allowing then to retain their assets and future upside value.

Key features of Empowerment solutions are;

– Recoupment of advanced funds from IP monetization revenues (e.g. music royalties)

– IP owner receiving funds as a percentage of the asset value

– Competitive pricing of capital

– Retention of IP by client

– Structured solutions between capital and sector